Get The Best Discounts on Product Ranges With DealGuru

August 24, 2014|  

With the onset of e-commerce site and netbanking facilities, online purchases have gone up by a huge margin. Today we can find a lot of product brands for products of a wide range having set up their online bases. In this world of e-commerce there is one more thing that makes the use of e-commerce even more interesting and lures you to shop online. And that thing is 'discount'.

We can find exclusive discounts on e-commerce sites which are not available on the same product in offline stores. So ultimately for a modern common man, its way better to shop online.

To make your world of discount even more interesting and to provide you the best discounts on a large range of products, here comes DealGuru, a segment launched by AskMeBazaar.

What is DealGuru about?

DealGuru is NOT a discount coupon site. Instead, its a full fledged e-commerce site where sellers actually place deals for their excess inventory products. No, that doesn't mean the products are defective! It just means the company has stopped manufacturing these products now. 

So you can find some old and valuable things at great prices as well as some new products at great discounts. And I would like to add the point that the products are NOT second hand or anything (just to clarify you understood my meaning with 'old' and 'new' and not confuse it with old being second hand!).

Also as I said DealGuru is an e-commerce site, you'll get to place your order and get a confirmation for the same too.

And if you are looking for a place to launch your product, you can try DealGuru too. You just need to pay a small charge to get started.

Our Verdict

DealGuru is a new, awesome concept and truly worth it. One can get huge discounts of upto 90% on products that are equally good in quality. Electronics, Fashion, Furniture, Footwear, Jewellery, Mobiles, Watches and almost all other category of products are available at DealGuru.

In short, DealGuru is worth trying out for any online shopper.