Xiaomi Tablet Mi Pad

July 18, 2014|  

There are so many ways you can spend and enjoy yours summer and yours phone can suits to every second of it. The sun is shining for so long and makes your skin tanned so you can look like a film star and show your friends yours beauty through instant photos in yours favorite social network. Golden warm sand is runs through your fingers and you hear the sound of refreshing water. While you are drinking a cold cocktail and taking a sunbath. It seems to me I can spend the whole life on seaside while reading a new information on on a favorite blog, or listen to a new summer hit by lovely talented singer or group, immerse yourself in to a book or watch a film about summer romance or started yours own holiday romance. Or peace and quiet all around you, big green trees and a giant field it makes me feel free as a wind. You can make a party near the bonfire and roast marshmallows and tell the horror stories. Or you prefer to cook some sausage with a beer? To spend night under the starry sky in a sleeping bag or in a tent it is a dream of allot of us. You may do skinny dipping in a dark, like in a Katy Perry song. All this will be perfect if yours Xiaomi tablet will be with you. 

First, when high quality Chinese company Xiaomi announced Mi Pad critics said that it would not be popular. But it was a great mistake!

The first batch of Xiaomi devices was fifty thousand Mi Pad and it was sold for only three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. It is a great result even for such giants as iPad. Mi Pad is first Xiaomi tablet, previous Xiaomi devices was primarily phones. Company already have some devoted fans. Company have so good sales not only because of fans, also company are well known for their original ideas in every new Xiaomi devices and high quality materials. A lot of compliments Xiaomi receives fir its software. Xiaomi is young but extremely strong company. It was opened in 2010 in Pekin by Lin Bin, who always compared with the president of the company. Apple. The name of the company Xiaomi has a beautiful meaning, it means 'a little rise'. 

The first Xiaomi devices was smartphones it is always based on the best, latest versions of Android. After Xiaomi presented and sold to the public first devices critics said a lot of good words about this company. The quality of devices is good not only for Chines and even for well known all over the world companies. It is so much good that first batch was sold so quickly that people was waiting for the next one to buy Mi Pad Xiaomi. 

The main competitor of Mi Pad Xiaomi is iPad mini. And there is a lot of reasons why. First of all the president of this company always compares with the famous Steve Jobs because they both have unreal talent. 

First of all First of all Xiaomi have higher processor clock speed. If Apple has only 2 x 1.3 GHz Xiaomi has 4 x 2.2 GHz. It is make work with touchscreen better. Also very important is that Xiaomi has more random access memory! If compare camera only blind could not catch sight of better quality of Xiaomi photo. This is not all things that makes Xiaomi better than iPad. And also is very important is price. Apple is not better but much more expensive.

Because of big popularity it is hard to buy Mi Pad but you can do it on Flosmall.com, sales started from 10 of July. Xiaomi smartphones and tablets especial Mi Pad is the good choice not only in summer time but for all seasons of yours life.

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