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May 19, 2014|  

Hello and welcome to Genious PC. Genious PC is a blog all about computers. This blog features tech articles, reviews on games and software, PC tricks, themes, wallpapers and how-to tutorials for a better and genius computer.

Mahaveer Verma
Mahaveer Verma
Let me introduce myself. I am Mahaveer Verma, a young blogger pursuing a B.Tech degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Genious PC is my 1st blog that I created in 2011. When I started this blog, I named it "All That Your Computer Needs" and it was in 2012 that I bought my domain and renamed it to "Genious PC".

Genious PC is a "how-to" blog which is all about computers. My sole purpose of creating Genious PC was to share my knowledge about the various fields of computing to guide my thankful followers, subscribers and friends. Genious PC is currently my only blog through which I get some monthly online income which is not much but enough to make my family proud.

Many of you would have a question that why I had misspelled my own blog's name ie. instead of "Genius", I use "Genious". Well, there are some interesting reasons for it. One being that the domain GeniusPC.com was unavailable when I was going to register my domain. The other and most important being that we tech guys always spell common words in different ways, don't we? And "Genious" is a very common mispell of "Genius". So I went with the name Genious PC.

Oh. And I also have my personal blog. Do pay a visit at MahaveerVerma.com to read more about me.

I am not going to write in detail because I don't want to bore you from my blog's introduction and all that. Hope you enjoy your visit at this blog, bookmark it and subscribe to it.

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