What makes Halo 4 the most awaited console game of the year?

July 15, 2012|  

121, 120, 119….Wondering what I’m doing? Well, counting the days for Halo 4’s release! God, it has been 4 years since its last release and I can’t wait to get my hands on this first person shooter game. I have become all the more excited after I saw the game’s official website which I will share here. 

Halo 4 wallpaper
First person shooters are not new to the gaming industry. There have been many successful games of the same genre like Quake, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Medal of Honor. But what makes Halo stand apart is its gripping game play, the element of surprises and the comprehensive collection of weapons and vehicles. 

The Storyline:

First of all, the Halo 4 episode will start 4 years after Halo 3’s ending. Halo 4 will see the return of John-117, also known as “Master Chief”, the survivor of the covenant war, the Spartan II soldier, as the protagonist with his modified Gen1 armor. The story will revolve around the fictional planet named Requiem and unlike the other Halo series, this installment will focus more on exploration and mystery solving. Sources also reveal that Halo 4 will be the first installment of the beginning of a new trilogy under the title “Reclaimer trilogy”. 

Concepts that will make you say OMG!

Let me discuss about the weapons first. The game includes weapons like extremely durable, gas operated assault rifle; the magazine fed, semi-automatic three round firing Battle Rifle; the low profile one shot Sticky Detonator; the DMR, the Spartan Laser, the Plasma Pistol, the energy sword and the Covenant Carbine. Sound’s cool right, they look cool too! 

Wait, you’ve only said “O & M’:

The game has come up with some stunning in-game vehicles such as the Warthog, a ground operated vehicle with several mounted weapons. Mongoose, a multi terrain vehicle which can be used to transport man and material, The Ghost (now, complete that OMG), this single operated vehicle can leave you spell bound with its two plasma cannons and its ability to move in any terrain. 

The Mjolnir Gen 2 Armor, produced from a new technology, not only enhances the combat system of the player but personalizes their actions as well. As far as the map goes, there seems to be three playable maps which include Haven, Adrift and Longbow and the concept art and screenshots look stunning. For those who have not played any series of Halo before, I just have a few words, “You haven’t played anything, if haven’t played Halo”. So, don’t worry, there are still around 116 days left for its release. So, grab some previous titles and start ‘Haloing’. And, for those who have played its previous titles and waiting for its release, I have a few words, “Keep waiting because good things arrive late!”

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