Increase Your Web Browsing Speed

July 05, 2012|  

Here is a small but effective method to increase your average browser speed. After applying this tweak, your browser would surely load your web pages faster than usual. This tweak includes using your HOSTS file to block incoming ads on your web pages. By blocking the ad servers from your HOSTS file, one can stop the ad requests as well as stop them from showing those distracting ads on any web page.

Increasing web browsing speed by banning ads

Why to block those ads?

Disgusted from the time some of those web pages take to load? There are many web pages filled with unbearable amount of ads from 10-20 different publishing programs. They not only clutter up the page, but even make the important information invisible for our eyes. Also if you use internet according to data plans from your ISP, then let me tell you, these flashy ads waste much of your data usage. It is not that all ads are useless to us, because we find many things on the net just by following the ads, also many users have no problem with a huge amount of banners, but if you want a faster browsing experience, then blocking those ads is a good technique.

How to block those ads?

It is very simple to block those unwanted ads. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\
2. Find the HOSTS file and backup it
3. Open the HOSTS file
4. Here is a list of ad servers you can ban:;hostformat=hosts
Copy the contents of this file to the end of your HOSTS file. If you want to still see Google Ads, then remove the 3 lines containing, and , ie. do not add these 3 lines in your HOSTS file.

Thats it! Now save your HOSTS file and restart your browser and experience ad free and fast browsing!

How does this work?

And how is it better than Adblock,Junkbuster,etc?

If you don't know what your HOSTS file does, then let me explain you. You see something like: " localhost " in your HOSTS file. Right? What actually is done here is that when a user enters localhost in their web browser address bar, then it redirects the user directly to which is a blank page. Similarly after applying the above method, whenever your browser tries to connect to any of the ad servers, then it returns a blank page without sending or receiving any data. Thus it saves data as well as time.

Also there are many software that can block ads from showing them on web pages. But these software doesn't stop the ad requests. They just remove them once the ad has reached your web page. Thus the only effect is that you don't see any ads, but it doesn't help in increasing the browsing speed. So this method is much more effective in increasing your browsing speed.

By blocking ads, I have gained a bit more speed in my browsing, that is what I can say from my experience!