How To Play Graphic Intensive Games Without A Graphics Card

April 09, 2013|  

Which was the most graphic intensive video game that you had ever played? Were you able to play that video game as smoothly as you wished? No? Is it because you do not have the sufficient graphics card as required by the video game? 

And do you want to save yourself from the costly solution to this problem i.e. buying a new graphics card? 

Then you have arrived at the right place because here you are going to read about a software which enables you to play the most graphic intensive games and that too without the need of any graphics card.

Bioshock Infinite Wallpaper

Yes you read it right – without any graphics card. 

The name of the software is ‘3d analyser’. 

So what actually is this 3d analyser? 

3d analyser is somewhat a kind of hardware emulator that emulates the behavior of any graphics card you need it to. This software also provides you with many other options such as forced pixel shader version, forced performance logging which lets you experiment with the performance of your game. 

3d analyzer can also be used to alter your hardware limitations which affect your gaming performance. This software can be used for experimenting purpose as well as to raise the performance of your game. 

And how does it work? 

3D Analyser

Look at the screenshot of 3d analyzer above. 

First of all select the ‘select’ button to choose and load the executable file of the game. 

Now look at the bottom part of this program window where you will find the options to set the direct x vendor id and device id which lets you emulate your required graphics card. 

The most commonly used graphics card are Nvidia and ATi. On the right side of the box provided for filling the device id are the device ids for the most common graphics card by Nvidia and ATi. 

Just set the appropriate values in the given box to emulate the required graphics card. These are the most basic settings of this program. 

Above the settings you can also find a large number of other settings which can alter your hardware limitations and can affect the overall performance of the game on your pc. Just tick mark the settings that you want to get emulated. 

Now press on the ‘run’ button to run this game. 

This is it. 

Now the game will run according to the settings you provided and most probably if you could not run the game previously without this software because of your graphics card then now this game would run just as you wished it to. And if previously you were just able to run that game but were not satisfied by the speed then you would notice a positive change in the speed of the game. 

What do you say? 

Remember that this software is just the hardware emulator and in-spite of all the functions and settings provided by this software, one cannot compare it with a real graphics card. Just as i said above this software is for people who do not want to invest in a new graphics card and are looking for a cheaper solution. 

In any case having the appropriate graphics card is the best solution to run any latest graphic intensive game. 

What do you say? Let me know your views on this software.