Acer Present 4K Monitors With NVIDIA Gaming Technologies

June 18, 2014|  

It has been about 8 months since NVIDIA G-Sync technology was introduced to the world. Acer one PC manufacturers have added this hyper performance display technology into their new widescreen monitor.

Acer Monitor With NVIDIA Gaming Technology

Unmitigated, the monitor coded "XB280HK" Acer output has a 28-inch screen with a resolution of 3840X2160 pixels which also brings Ultra HD 4K technology was indeed intended for game lovers, Ubergizmo (3/6).

As the main star, there are features of the NVIDIA G-Sync famous ace to produce images at a rate of up to 144Hz per frame per second. Remarkably, the G-Sync is able to maximize the frame rate equal to the frame rate XB280HK game is being played.

As a result, gamers will be spoiled with a clear visual display without fault and lag that often interfere when playing game with high-speed image frames such as Need For Speed: Rivals for the PS4 console.

As a complement, the exterior XB280HK which has been coupled with an anti-glare coating to produce sharper images and do not dazzle.

Thanks to technology "Comfyview", flicker of the monitor backlight can be decreased drastically, so it does not make the eyes tired while playing the game. Users can get more screen viewing angle up to 170 degrees wide.

Acer is also known to bury four USB 3.0 ports located on the sides and bottom of the monitor to connect it with keyboard, mouse, or a mobile device to obtain maximum data transfer speed of 625 MBps.

Unfortunately, the monitor XB280HK will greet market sometime in July. Acer also seems to still want to keep the price a secret. For comparison with the ASUS monitors with similar features, this monitor by Acer is rumored to be worth around USD 650.

About the guest author: Muchsinul Khuluq is a 21 year old tech writer and blogger who actively writes on his site which it under "ZhivoCompany". You can contact him on Facebook.