How To Install Whatsapp on Your PC or Laptop

August 30, 2013|  

Whatsapp is a free cross-mobile messaging platform which is well known to most of us. Whatsapp cuts down our SMS bills as well as provides a lot of other features like group chat, lets you send photos and videos. You can even share your current geographic location with your friends.

As mentioned above, Whatsapp is a messaging platform for mobiles. Currently, Whatsapp is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia S40, Symbian and Windows Phone.

But there are a lot of users with some other mobile phones who don't want to miss out from the world of Whatsapp either. Are you one such mobile user?

Then there is a solution for you that will let you use Whatsapp with your laptop or even your PC!

How To Install Whatsapp on Your PC or Laptop

To run Whatsapp on a computer, we are going to use a tool named "Bluestacks".

Bluestacks is actually a tool that lets you emulate android applications on Windows OS like Windows XP SP3 and higher. Just like any other android application, Whatsapp can be run using bluestacks easily. Download bluestacks from here:

After downloading and installing bluestacks, run and search Whatsapp from the search bar provided in bluestacks or alternatively you can download Whatsapp from its official site here:

Now follow the steps shown on screen to install Whatsapp on your computer. You may need to confirm your mobile number during the installation. For this, you will be sent a special code to your mobile number which you need to re-enter when asked by Whatsapp during installation.

Thats it!

Now you are done with installing Whatsapp on your Laptop or PC and you can use it without any kind of limitations as perfectly as you could with a smartphone.

Common Issues Faced

  • Unable to download Whatsapp directly from Bluestacks - Try downloading Whatsapp using your computer's browser from the official whatsapp site or from some other website providing android application (apk) files.
  • How to add contacts to Bluestacks - Go to settings, manage contacts, then click on the menu button provided on the lower left side of Bluestacks and select "New Contact".
Any more issues?

How many of you are going to use Bluestacks now? I hope you don't come across any issues but even if you do face any problems installing Whatsapp on your PC or laptop, do comment and let me know.