Monitor Your Computer Effectively With Gecko Monitor - Review

July 13, 2013|  

Unless you are the sole owner of your computer, you might want to be conscious of activities taking place on your computer by the other users, right?

We may be talking about computers at a workplace or school, or the computer your children might be using. You might be looking for a brilliant solution to monitor your computer activities accurately.

So here, I would like to mention a software which I recently got the chance to test out.

Gecko Monitor

Gecko Monitor is the complete solution to monitoring everything that happens on your computer while you’re away. - Gecko Monitor
Am I pleased with Gecko Monitor? Read ahead and find out!

Gecko Monitor Review

Gecko Monitor is a sophisticated yet simple to use and accurate software for monitoring EVERY kind of activity taking place on your computer. It takes screenshots of active windows, keylogs data entered in any application, records internet activities and also the activities taking place by other applications, changes in file system, printers and every other activity you can think of.

And the best thing is that Gecko Monitor remains well hidden from your eyes so that the PC users don't get to find out about it or close it! Gecko Monitor also runs fast enough even on a normal PC and doesn't slow down the other processes.

To read more, to buy or to test the trial version visit their site.

Here is a list of features I was impressed by:

1. Stealth Mode

As I said earlier, Gecko Monitor runs in perfect stealth mode. Its not shown in Task Manager, not in the taskbar notifications area and you can't even find its installation directly easily if you limit your search to the 'Program Files' folder located in C: because its not even close to this folder.
Taskbar monitor

Its also fast enough not to delay other processes or create any suspicion about being watched on.

2. Regular Screenshots

Gecko Monitor takes screenshot of the screen activity by taking pictures of the whole desktop, newly activated windows or even taskbar separately.

In a time span of 2 minutes I opened and closed several files and folders, web pages etc and I was really impressed to see that ALL my activities got recorded in the form of screenshots!
Gecko Monitor - Screenshots
By default Gecko Monitor is set to take screenshots of active windows and screenshots of the whole desktop after every 300 seconds, which can be changed or disabled from the settings page.

Gecko Monitor - settings

3. Password And Hotkey Combination To Unlock The Interface

As mentioned earlier, Gecko Monitor runs in complete stealth mode and so if you need to unlock its interface, you need a special key combination and a password as well. And this makes sure that no other person who uses your computer can use it.

4. Captures Every Keystroke

I testing this feature by typing some lines in Notepad.

Gecko Monitor - Keylogger

I even made a mistake while typing the word 'abilities' and Gecko was able to capture every keystroke perfectly! Below is a screenshot.

It even captured my mail password but I am not going to show a screenshot for this!

5. Monitored Files/Folder Changes

I made a folder on my desktop to test this.

Gecko Monitor - Files Changes

Once again, Gecko monitored everything.

Gecko Monitor - file monitoring

My Verdict

Gecko Monitor is a really awesome solution to monitor each and every activity taking place on your computer. No feature has been left out by it and all the features are implemented with the same accuracy and perfection.

I would give Gecko Monitor a full 5/5 rating!