Top 10 HTML 5 Games

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HTML games have become quite popular as they can be played through any of the latest browsers. There is no need to download or install the application; you just need to have a stable internet connection and any of the browsers that you normally use like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. What’s more, in addition to your desktops and laptops, you can play these games on your smartphones and tablets as well. The contention that iOS is better compared to Android when it comes to HTML 5 performance needs to be tested in order to reach any conclusions. Here are a few HTML 5 games that you can take a look at.
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World’s Biggest Pac-Man – PC only

There can’t be many gaming enthusiasts who haven’t played Pac-Man. You know that you are thrown in the midst of innumerable mazes with the liberty to go from any maze to any other, even before finishing the one you are in. Though this game has been around since the 1980s the popularity has not waned. The game is pretty much the same – The Pac-Man has to devour all the wafers and avoid the ghosts at the same time.

Curvy – PC or mobile

You are confronted with a lot of hexagons on the screen. Each hexagon has a set of colored paths. You need to keep maneuvering the hexagons till you have all the colored paths fitting perfectly. There’s a lot of scrambling involved before you can get it right. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is, great fun, though. You need to concentrate a lot to play this game. 

Angry Birds – PC

This game can be played only on your PC on any browser, and is best played on Chrome. It is a demolition game where a strategic dislocation of a block will send several tumbling down. The game is actually sending Angry Birds into buildings that are overrun with hogs. On browsers other than Chrome, you will need to install Flash to enjoy the sound effects. 

Cut the Rope - PC or mobile

This is one game that can be played better with Microsoft than with Flash. The game, in a nutshell is pretty simple. Ropes are dangling with a piece of candy at the end, you need to cut them down at the right time. There are crawling creatures with mouths open waiting for the candy. Getting the candy to drop right into the open mouths is all the game is about. 

Onslaught – PC or Mobile

The game, as the name signifies is all about continuous attack. To keep the enemies at bay, you need to click on your mouse almost continuously and give some great exercise for your forefinger. The Monsters who are the enemies come out of the three doors that are there and need to be brought down using the weapons at hand. 

Rebel Rescue - PC or Mobile

Get transported back to the Star War days, because this game is similar to that with a Defender clone. You need to try to fly across the inhospitable Hoth on your T-47 snowmobile and beware of the enemies on the way. Dipping low to rescue as many rebels as you can without being hit by the constantly attacking Imperial drones is the essence of the game. 

Space Blaster – PC

This game has got to be played on your PC only. You are out in Space and are confronted by marauding enemies armed to the teeth and out to get you. Without getting blown up, you need to bring down the enemies and blast your way through space. 

Dark Age – PC

Dark Age is actually throwing a challenge. You are on a treasure hunt and maneuver you way through a maze. You are confronted by a bunch of skeletons that mysteriously come to life and you need to shoot each one of them down before you can escape with the treasure. 

The Sarien Collection – PC or Mobile

This is a great collection where you can play the original version of King’s Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Gold Rush, and The Black Cauldron all of them for free! These classic Sierra adventure games are worth your time and you won’t get bored though the games are close to 2 decades old. 

The Galactians 2 – PC or Mobile

The game is about invaders from outer space and the Galaxians are at it again and how you outsmart the aliens is what the game is all about. It is meant to be played on your mobile and might be a misfit on a large PC screen. 

Enjoy the above games as most of them are for free. A really great way to spend time having fun in the process.

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