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September 18, 2012|  

In the past few weeks, some new information regarding the latest version of Apple's smart phone operating system has come in to view. The current version 5 of the iOS has been smoothed out even further to create what Apple calls iOS 6. Issues found in previous versions of the operating system and other loopholes have tried to be dealt with but this does not mean that users will be completely safe from things such as iPhone spyware. In fact iOS which was once known as a secure platform can now easily fall victim to something like cell phone tracking.

Apple iOS 6
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This is caused due to the fact that things such as iPhone spyware and cell phone tracking software are being made to be even better than before. By exploiting the security mechanism which has been in place in mobile operating systems, it is possible for hackers to steal all kinds of information. Even though there is still some time till the launch of the iPhone 5, information about apps that will be running on the device and information about apps which are designed for iOS 6 is available and it sounds good.

Searching made simpler with Bing

Bing, the popular search app which has been around for over 3 years now is actually a Microsoft development which seems to be working very well with iOS. Not only does it work well but it is also getting better, now receiving updates such as increasing the input options when searching. This means you can now search for a barcode, you can search a photo or you could even just use your voice to search something up in the app store. The fact such varied kind of data can be used to search up anything makes the app so much more useful. Together with its simple user interface and the fact that it’s available as a free download, there is no reason to not have it on your phone.

Browsing the web


There are certainly those users out there who wish to continue using Safari, which is the default browser on iOS devices. Safari is not something that one would not recommend but the fact is that there are some better options available. For example Chrome for iPhone can do everything that Safari can, and more. Internet security is also a major concern not to mention that ease of use and good functionality will also play a part in making an app your favorite. Chrome offers a number of very smooth features such as ‘’omnibox’’ it also provides good security and gives Safari a hard time keeping up.


If you spend a lot of time browsing the web from your mobile device, then web browsers are probably a concern for you. If you have tried Chrome and aren’t too happy with it and Safari just doesn’t really do it for you then Opera is what you need. This is the browser which will keep you surfing online even in the toughest of situations. Plus if you are using a prepaid connection or are on a limited contract then this could be the best solution. Opera is a very different web browser and does not operate much like the others. When you open up a page it is opened on Opera’s servers and then a compressed version of the page is what you see, saving you a lot on your data plan.

Overall, these are three apps which you may find very useful and could be handy when searching for other apps. More so, these browsers not only offer more functionality but greater security as well.

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