Google Page Rank Update Nov 2012 - Genious PC is back to PR3

November 08, 2012|  

If you have been following this blog since last few months then you would know that this blog shifted from 'All That Your Computer Needs' to 'Genious PC' on a custom domain and in this shifting process, it lost its PR due to the change of domain.

Page Rank Gift

So today I am happy to announce that Genious PC is back to PR3!

Google updated Page Ranks today and like any other blogger, I was also excited to check my rank. I was excited because of two reasons.
  1. Because of my other blog (Blogging Panorama) which is two months old. I was happy to find that Blogging Panorama got PR2.
  2. Because this blog lost its PR due to change of domain.
And I am sure you know that Genious PC is a commentluv enabled blog. So should I hope that more of you would be commenting at my blog now?

How did this PR update go for you? Do comment and let me know! And I have an offer for bloggers here- Share your blog's link along with its PR in the comments below and your blog would be featured in 'High PR blogs' list coming up soon on Blogging Panorama.