Windows 8 Review: All About the Latest OS

November 06, 2012|  

The much awaited Windows 8 OS launched this year sets a whole new world of unimaginable computing experience. After Windows 7, Microsoft has developed this new OS with completely new features compared to Windows 7. So Windows 8 is not just an improved OS, but it is a complete new world...

Windows 8 Logo
Like any other new technology, Windows 8 also creates many questions in our minds. About the touch interface, the start screen and what more! So how many of you are going to upgrade to Windows 8?

I know you have lots of questions and doubts about Windows 8, so here I have compiled all the information you need to know about Windows 8.

So what are you waiting for? Read ahead and decide yourself, are you going for Windows 8?

Windows 8 Review

Let us talk about the latest features in Windows 8. There are many of them...

Logging in

Windows 8 is heavily based on Internet and Microsoft's web services. How? In Windows 8, users can log on their PCs by using a Windows Live ID instead of the old account systems like Windows XP or 7. That is because of the dynamic features that Windows 8 is boasting about. This also helps in attaching your other devices with your PC. For example, all your feed details will be accessible and would work for both a tablet and a PC. It is like - just one login for all devices.

Touch Gestures

Windows 8 has introduced touch interface in a much better way than Windows 7. Windows 8 is designed to match a tablet PC experience and that's why the touch interface features gestures such as pinching in and out or swiping through fingers.

But touch interface would only be exciting for desktop users with a touchscreen monitor. For other monitors, they will have to satisfy with just the mouse.

Modern UI

Windows 8 start screen
As I said earlier, Windows 8 is completely new compared to Windows XP or 7. With this OS, Microsoft introduced a tile based interface known as the Modern UI similar to Windows phone.

Each program on your PC shows up as a tile on the 'Start Screen'. These tiles feature dynamic content like news updates and social networking updates. The start screen is the base of this new interface. And I am sure you would have heard about the absence of start button in Windows 8. A Windows 8 PC starts with a Start Screen and this is from where you can get to all the apps or programs you want to run. So this tile based start screen is like the cover photo and also the navigation for your PC.

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One more major update with Windows 8 is that the desktop is not directly accessible when you start your PC. As I said earlier the start screen is what your PC starts with and this is from where you can access your desktop. Using the desktop mode, you can run any software that you used to run from earlier Windows OS.

When you bring your cursor to bottom-left of the screen or press the Windows key, the start screen shows up. There you can find a tile that opens up your Desktop or alternatively you can press Windows+D to open up your Desktop.


Windows 8 comes with its own store to download and install modern apps. Why modern? Because you'll have to install the old software and programs like how it was installed in earlier OS. Also I should tell you about a new 'refresh' feature of windows 8. If your PC slows up too much, then you can use this refresh feature and you'll get something like a new PC without losing any important data.

So What Do You Think?

These features of Windows 8 look awesome in theory. But there are many of us who won't be satisfied with the over-new features like the absence of start button. Only time will tell us how many people accept this new OS with complete satisfaction and how many regret it like Windows Vista.

Anything that I have missed here? Or still have some doubts on Windows 8? Do comment and let me know.