How To Get A Start Menu In Windows 8

July 06, 2013|  

Released in October 2012, Windows 8 is the latest OS by Microsoft. Millions of Windows users were expecting a grand revolution with the new OS, about which Microsoft had been spreading excellent news since a long time.

How To Get Start Menu in Windows 8Windows 8 did provide a whole new experience to its users compared to the older OS like Windows XP or 7. The new OS was more like a tablet computing experience with the metro style start screen. Apart from the completely new interface, one more change was in the news with Windows 8.

It was the missing start menu. The start menu was totally replaced with the start screen and until the release of Windows 8.1, it was impossible to get back the start button in Windows 8 without the use of any third party tool.

Both free as well as paid third party tools are available that let you get a start menu in Windows 8.

So which are the 5 best free tools to get back the start menu? Let's see!

1. Classic Shell Start Menu For Windows 8

Get A Start Menu In Windows 8 - Classic Shell

Classic Shell Start Menu is a free and open source tool that not only installs a start menu but also lets you skip the start screen and boot directly to the desktop. Its available with 3 different styles and is highly customizable from every aspect.

Classic shell is no doubt one of the best free tool of its kind.

2. Vistart Windows 8 Start Menu

Vistart Start Menu For Windows 8

Vistart is another free tool which is clean yet stylish looking with a somewhat different start button look. Vistart is also highly customizable as well as fast loading.

3. Start Menu 8

Start Menu 8 For Windows 8

Just as the name suggests, Start Menu 8 is a complete start menu designed for Windows 8. Its fast, simple and customizable. It even includes the option to skip the start screen and directly boot to the desktop.

Also the start button is a much familiar looking one.

4. StartW8

StartW8 Menu For Windows 8

StartW8 is another free tool to get back the start menu in Windows 8. This tool features a new start button of itself. StartW8 also lets you boot directly to desktop skipping the start screen.

Recently on 29 May 2013, new features and languages were added to StartW8. This tool is worth trying out if you like the look of the start button.

5. Pokki Start Menu For Windows 8

Get A Start Menu In Windows 8 - Pokki

Pokki has developed something more than just a start menu replacement. They have created a whole new experience. You can get my meaning from the screenshot above. Not only the start button but the whole menu has a completely different look.

The start menu by pokki is more like a smartphone or tablet menu which suits the Windows 8 metro look very perfectly.

If you like the uniqueness of this menu, then Pokki is a must have start menu replacement for your Windows 8 OS.

6. Bonus Tool - Stardock Start8 - $4.99

Get A Start Menu In Windows 8
This post was about 5 of the best free tools that let you get back the start button in Windows 8 but I couldn't stop myself from sharing this paid app too.

That's because this one is my personal favorite and one of the best one of its kind which completely satisfies its small cost of $4.99

The color of the semi-transparent start menu matches automatically with the taskbar. Its fast, stylish and perfect from every aspect.

Start8 features a unique start button look which suits Windows 8 perfectly. Start8 also lets you boot directly to the desktop and skip the metro start screen completely. Though you can access the original 'Windows 8 Menu' anytime from the start menu.

Start8 also comes with a free 30 day trial to try out its features before you buy it.

Which One Is Your Favorite?

Are you a Windows 8 user? Most probably you are and thats why you were looking for the tools to bring back the start button in Windows 8, right? So from the above mentioned tools, which one is your favorite?

Do comment and share your views.