3 Simple Methods To Unblock Websites

April 26, 2013|  

Censoring the Internet has been the hottest trend by government and offices lately. Whether it is a college, school or a work place, many sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked for access through normal means. Many file sharing and torrent sites like piratebay are blocked by governments of various nations.

Unblock Websites

But sometimes, it becomes necessary to unblock these websites, right?

Whatever the reason may be, you want to unblock a site, don't you? 

So here we will discuss about 3 simple methods through which you can unblock any website easily.

#1 Unblock Websites Using Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are the easiest and full proof method to unblock any website. When you access any website using proxy, the site does not load directly but it loads through the proxy site and thus the system doesn't understand that you are trying to access the blocked website.

That is how a proxy site works.

Some famous proxy sites are: unblockanysite.netproxy.organonymouse.org and hidemyass.com

#2 Unblock Websites Using Google Translator

Google translator acts as a simple and easy method to unblock a website. It is not necessary that a website must be in any language other than English to translate it and view it through Google translator. In fact, you can just open Google Translator and translate a website you want to unblock into English again and read it!

So in fact, you can unblock websites using Google!

And the third method to unblock websites is also based on Google.

#3 Unblock Websites Using Google Cache

Another simple trick to unblock websites thanks to Google!

Maybe most of you would be aware that Google keeps records of every website using a cache. Google updates its cache for every website daily, weekly, even every hour based on the preference given to that site by Google.

So how to use this fact to unblock websites?

In the Google search field type cache: followed by the URL of the blocked site, for eg- cache:http://www.geniouspc.com

This will open up the website as stored in the most recent cache through Google cache. And thus, the site would be unblocked!

Easy! Isn't it?

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Keep this in mind!

These methods can be used to unblock any website. But whatever site you unblock, make sure that it is not an illegal one.

You are solely responsible for your activities online.

Don't unblock any site against the legal rules!