How To Watch TV On Your PC

May 01, 2013|  

Now a days, a PC has become more of a super machine capable of performing many more tasks than what it was invented for.

One of such tasks is entertainment.

Watch TV On Your PC

Now a days, a computer is used for entertainment purpose in many ways. You can play games, watch movies and yes, you can also watch television on your PC.

And here is how.

#1 Watch TV On Your PC Using a TV Tuner

Wondering what is a TV tuner?

Watch TV On Your PC
A TV tuner is a hardware that converts your computer into a TV. They are mainly classified into two types - Internal and External. An internal TV tuner card usually uses a PCI slot whereas an external TV tuner doesn't require a slot.

An external TV tuner is better than an internal one in many cases because it is easier to set up and can be removed when not in use.

A TV tuner card may not be so cheap though, but a TV tuner is the best method to convert your PC into a TV directly.

After installing a TV tuner, you can connect your TV cable connection to your PC and start watching TV on your computer directly.

#2 Watch TV On Your PC Using Free Online Services

Watch TV On Your PC
If you have a really fast internet connection with a decent bandwidth, then using free web services can be the perfect free alternative to watch TV on your computer.

There are a lot of websites that let you watch your favorite TV shows on your PC for free.

One of them is

The good thing about Hulu is that it has a large collection of TV shows with complete episodes. You can watch any show anytime at your will.

The bad thing is that currently Hulu is available only to US audience.

What do you say?

Today a computer is used for entertainment in many ways, watching TV is just one of them. Have you ever used any TV tuner or any free web service to watch TV on your computer?

Maybe you had used any other site than Hulu? Do comment and share the name with us.

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