Top 5 Tablet Game Genres - Which One Do You Like?

June 20, 2013|  

So you bought a new tablet and you don’t know what to put in it yet.

There’s one thing you should never forget: games

Even the busiest person should have some games in their tablet to get through those boring hours stuck in traffic. Games can also help you relax while having a break at work. The tablet is handy and most people take it wherever they go, which is why it is a convenient place to store games and important files on.

Card games

Now, what kinds of games should you put in there? Check out the top 5 tablet game genres and find our yourself!

1. Puzzles

Who doesn’t like puzzle games?

There’s something appealing about finding out a missing object or solving a certain problem, especially if it seems to be easy but proves to be difficult. It perks you up and makes your brain process work even as you rest. You can actually learn new skills when you play puzzle games. Your attention to detail and math skills can even be enhanced by playing Sudoku, math puzzles, and magic squares during your free time. 

2. Word games

This genre is suitable for all ages. Children can discover new words and spell them properly with games for kids. Meanwhile, adults can rediscover certain words or names that they have not heard of in a long time. This is a practice for your long-term memory faculty to always be sharp in recalling things. 

3. Card/Board games

If you want a game that makes you tick, go for card and board games. Play chess with an AI and see how you fare with an opponent who has impeccable moves. If you’re just learning chess, go for the ones that have guides or have settings for easy and difficult levels. You can also enjoy board games such as snakes and ladders or monopoly with some friends to keep boredom at bay. 

4. Arcade games

Arcade games are popular because of the more complicated world being introduced to the player. You can play car racing games, for example, and marvel at the different race tracks and places you will pass by. 

Just make sure that you’re not sidetracked by the beautiful trees and blue seas otherwise you will lose the game too soon. If you progress through higher levels you can also unlock more options, locations, or settings. 

Isn’t that fun and engaging? 

5. Action/Adventure games

Adventure games have the best gaming worlds. You can be in a community and meet virtual people, or you can be in a fantasy world filled with fairies. Super Mario is a popular action game that is now available in tablets.

There are plenty of other games that both young and adult players will surely enjoy. 

Your Ideas Now!

Your tablet doesn’t have to be all about work. 

You should put in some games there so that you can relax even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Games are only for kids? 

There’s nothing wrong with releasing the child in you even for just a few minutes per day. Or better yet, pack up some nice games in your tablet so that when your kids are throwing temper tantrums while you are doing something, you can simply hand over the tablet and keep them quiet for hours!

What do you say about this list?

Do comment and share your favourite one out of these!

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