The All New Perspective With iOS 7

June 17, 2013|  

There is always a grand welcome to any of the new features, software or products introduced by Apple because they always come with some new ravishing key features with other every new launch.

The Apple has come up with its new revamped stylish operating system that is iOS 7.

iOS 7

The software is being launched meant only for Apple Iphones and ipads. It offers a completely revamped look and feel. This software has revolutionized the world with remarkable changes in its operating ever since the introduction of iphones. iOS 7 took an initiation to make people make feel much better with a user friendly system. It introduces you instantly with a new chapter of iOS, basically different from its previous versions or you can say that other iOS available in the market with other mobile phones.

Control centers, air drops and smarter multitasking are some of the great exciting features of the iOS 7 that really attracts the people of every category towards it. 

Some of the improvements that are the hidden gems in the system of the operating are given as follows:
  • Face time calls- This feature lets you do voice chat with other people without any specified phone plans but internet connection is must. 
  • Inclinometer feature- Earlier Apple has provided only with accelerometer and gyroscope. But now, there is the 3D space tracking technology that is the inclinometer. This very application measures the angle of slope of tilt with respect to the gravity. It supports ups and down movements rather than only side to side movements.
  • No more updates messing- This software relieves you from the updating of the software again and again over the time. The updates will be automatically downloaded in the background as you access certain software.
  • Removal of skeuomorphism- iOS 7 has come up with the removal of this very technique which efforts to make the objects look real with the heavy texturing of the interfaces. It makes up close with the digital authenticity and a unified interface.
  • Modified map directions- iOS 7 comes with new mapping directions. Walking turn by turn gives you a delight and an easy tackling of the route unfamiliar with you about the surroundings.
  • Night mode navigators – Various brightness adjustments are being made in the allied software to make you easily watch all the screen components clearly at the night.
  • Bookmarks for maps- There are several bookmarking facilities for the maps also in this new operating system. The safari has synchronized with this system to avail this facility.
  • Improved mail services- You don’t need to hover over each and every mail to get your required one mail. There is an easy smart mail box facility available for you. Just enter to the required folder and optimize your search easily.
  • Gone the era of faces and tags- The photo tagging is over now and replaced with collection and moments. The moments are basically focused around the locations and include map data for various locations. They hold a prominent place in the iOS 7. 
Bless yourself with the advent of this very new operating system without any hurdle.

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