Microsoft unleashes Windows Attack Tool

September 11, 2012|  

Microsoft has recently launched a new public version of its Attack Surface Analyzer tool to help companies assess changes to a system’s attack surface as new applications and products are added to the base software. Earlier, the beta version of the tool was launched, but after months of waiting Microsoft made the official release.

The Attack Surface Analyzer is used by the company’s internal software to monitor the application’s security practices. Microsoft also used the application to monitor the Security Development Lifecycle which identifies the gaps in security when a company installs basic software on its systems. Changes made to the main system can affect the networking of the organization - sorted out by using the Windows Attack Tool, which prevents the attackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities and weak spots.

What Microsoft says…

While explaining the purpose of the tool, Microsoft’s developer, Jimmie Lee said that Attack Surface Analyzer covers the security weaknesses in the network when applications are installed on the Windows operating systems and then highlights parable issues. The tool also gives an overview of changes to the system that Microsoft considers important to the security of the platform, while highlighting these changes in its report. Some of the checks performed by the tool include analysis of changed or newly added files, registry keys, services, Microsoft ActiveX controls, listening ports and other parameters that affect a computer’s attack surface.

Microsoft keeps a vigilant eye on the application and keeps a record of its functions. The application is developed not only for security professionals, but developers who have the skill and knowledge of code writing can use it to check its affect on the security of the application. The new and improved version of the application included two elements; GUI and command line interface. Microsoft explains the functioning of this application through a help guide wizard – in the process of scanning and analysis, while further explaining its function in the command version supports and the older version of Windows. This guide helps the IT professionals to integrate the application with existing management tools in an organization.

The application will help in collecting attack data from various Windows operating systems such as Vista 7 and different version of Server 2008, while assisting in analyzing and collecting data that would generate the application reports.

Microsoft Surface for mobiles?

This application can also be developed for the mobiles to help in enhancing the security of mobile software. This application can come handy in keeping third party hackers from intervening into your phone while an application is being downloaded. Hence, the Surface Analyzer application would help the phone to identify loopholes in the apps you are downloading and help you to decide if they’re safe; incase a user downloads Android or iPhone spyware or even Angry Birds, the application would help in securing the interface and make sure no loopholes are left behind. The Surface Analyzer can be implemented in Windows phone’s which host Windows 7 and would give a competitive advantage to the phone as well as the company.

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