Boost Your PC Speed in 5 Seconds

October 02, 2012|  

After running for a long time, our PC gets tired and lags slowly. To get the speedy performance back, we need to restart our PC. But, did you know that you can give a boost to your PC from just notepad? And that too in less than 5 seconds?

giving injection for speed
Image courtesy of vichie81/
How to Boost your PC Speed
  • Open Notepad
  • Type MYSTRING=(80000000)
  • Save the file on desktop or any other easily accessible location with the name of RAM.VBE or anything with .VBE extension.
  • Whenever you need to give your PC a boost, just double click the saved file.
This .vbe file that you just created runs a command through which your RAM gets a quick boost. I have tried this myself and it really gives a bit boost to my PC. Though, it is not magic! This .vbe script just gives a slight performance boost but it is enough to run your PC fast for a longer time. So enjoy...