Top OS X Mountain Lion features

September 22, 2012|  

The all new OS X Mountain Lion has some fantastic features for your Mac. The new operating system brings features from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to your Mac. Sending iMessages got a lot easier and you can get your Mac on the Game center as well. Get updated with notifications and iCloud just got a lot more efficient. You no longer have to go to each of your iOSdevices to add, delete or change anything. You can do it in one stroke on your Mac and the great thing is that it works the other way round as well. Once you sign in with your ID and iCloud automatically gets set up in all the apps. Things couldn’t get any simpler than that. 

OS X Mountain LionA perfect match between hardware and software is what creates the perfect sync. OS X Mountain Lion works in tandem with the processor in your Mac to render best results. Power Nap can really take a nap while Mac is busy keeping the entire system up. The intelligent operating system regulates processor activity at all times, and even knows when to dim the screen to save on your battery. Touch could never have got any better. You can feather tap, spot pinch, and swipe away all you want as the Multi-Touch actions work at their best. Have your documents follow your commands precisely while using your trackpad and Magic Mouse to scroll up and down at will. You can now move photos efficiently with deft swipe strokes. 

All this is not very complicated, on the contrary it is pretty simple. The design is such that right from when you start up your Mac everything works like clockwork with perfect precision. With a single click, you can open any app on any of your iOSdevices. You can also download or install new apps from the Mac App Store with a few more clicks. Mac is so intelligent and uncanny that it takes over what you wish to do and all you need to do is wait and watch. Having been built on a reliable and stable foundation like UNIX, OS X Mountain Lion is dependable and technically advanced. For instance, the photo and video editing capabilities empowered by Aperture and Final Cut Pro are beyond compare. OS X is designed to take full advantage of all the latest technologies in Mac. 

You no longer have to search frantically for a file when you are in a hurry. Leave it to The Finder and trust it to find what you are looking for. It uses Spotlight and Quick Look that make locating files easy, you just need to mention a part of the file’s name to have it located. Once you have located the file you can get a quick preview without even opening it! That’s efficiency at its best, and what’s more, if you wish to share that file with a colleague you just need to drag it and send it instantly through Airdrop. It’s not just that, all your files are constantly kept under the radar and encrypted and updated regularly so that they are absolutely secure.

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