How to Sync Google Docs Locally

September 22, 2012|  

If you enjoy the capabilities of creating documents, presentations and spreadsheets online using Google docs, and want to have a copy of all files to your local computers, then try the following software applications which can help you sync entire Google docs locally. 

How to Sync Google Docs LocallyFirst is Insync which offers an application that lets you synchronize your Google Drive account on your desktop. Just download the Insync application and once it is launched, it will ask you a permission to access your Google account. Then all your Google documents will be automatically downloaded to Insync folder. Once you edit,delete and create any changes on the file, it will be automatically reflected on the other locations as well. 

Second is MemeoConnect which acts a physical drive to your machine. It lets you view your files both ondesktop and Google docs. The only major disadvantage of it is there’s no immediate synchronization of files. 

Third to try is Syncplicity which allows users too easily shareand automatically sync and backup their files and folders, not only on Google docs, but also on its own website and other computer that has syncplicity software. 

Fourth and last is Busydocs which also allows you to view and organize files on computer, local network and Google docs. For now, busydocs is free without any limitations. It is currently available for Windows and Mac OS. 

We don’t know which of the following applications works well with preserving the folder structures, sharing option and conversion to Google documents but these tools show that the user can easily transition from desktop to Cloud-based office documents.

About the Guest Author:
Charyl Genterola is a blogger. She currently works at Insync. Insync is Google Drive for business and power users that automatically sync your files across multiple platforms and supports Google Drive multiple accounts and offline Google Docs editing using local applications. Follow her @insynchq

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