Immunize Your USB Devices With Vaccine

October 03, 2012|  

We have heard about people getting vaccination but ever heard a vaccine for pen drives? USB devices such as pen drives most usually get infected from Autorun.inf virus. This virus is just irresistible. No matter how clean and virusfree your PC is, whenever you insert your pen drive into your friend's PC and take it back to your PC, your PC gets high chances of getting infected by autorun.inf virus. The executable files containing viruses in your pen drive modifies the autorun.inf file of your pen drive to spread itself. So the virus is named after the file Autorun.inf itself. Luckily a vaccine can help your USB devices in this matter.

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Pen drives
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Panda USB Vaccine

Panda security have developed a vaccine that protects your USB devices like pen drive from the autorun.inf virus. The program is free to download and easy to use. The program immunizes your pen drives and your pen drive remains protected from getting infected from the virus till you reformat the pen drive. Once you format your pen drive, the vaccine gets formatted as well. And this vaccine is also not an alternative to antivirus. You will still need a good antivirus.

So what does this vaccine basically do?

This vaccine disables autorun feature of your USB device from the PC as well as from the USB device itself. It means that it sets the device to NOT to autorun whenever the device is inserted into any PC. Also it sets the PC to NOT to autorun any device which is connected to it. So, providing a double layer of preventive protection.

The USB vaccine by Panda is free to download. You can get the USB vaccine here.