Just For Fun: How To Send Anonymous Email

May 24, 2013|  

'Anonymous email' would not be a new term for most of you, right?

But just in case, you are unaware of its meaning then let me explain you. Anonymous emails are such emails which are send with a fake identity or using someone else's identity. Usually anonymous emails are sent from an unreal 'from' email address and so the receiver would assume that the actual sender of that email is really the owner of that 'from' email id!

Send Anonymous Email

Already started getting some interesting tricks, mischief or any pranks in your mind, isn't it?

Well, I won't make you wait any longer to learn the trick to send anonymous mail to anyone.

Here are 2 awesome free to use tools that let you send anonymous email to anyone!

1. How To Send Anonymous Email Using SendAnonymousEmail.net

SendAnonymousEmail.net is a very simple and easy to use tool that lets you send anonymous emails for free.

The thing I liked the most with this site is the clutter free environment. Its interface is free from over-advertisements and consists of 4 simple fields namely - receiver's email, sender's email, subject and the message to be sent. 

Send Anonymous Email
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Just enter the email addresses and your message, enter the security code and hit 'SEND!'.

Send Anonymous Email - Message Sent
Easy... Isn't it?

2. How To Send Anonymous Email Using emkei.cz

Emkei.cz is another awesome and free tool that lets you send anonymous email to anyone. And this tool has a lot more options that the above mentioned tool.

Send Anonymous Email

With this tool you can also attach some files and there are even more advanced options that let you send copy of that email to other email addresses too. You can also add a 'reply-to' email address that will be used to receive email when the receiver replies to your message.

With all these unique features, emkei.cz is no doubt a really advanced tool that can be used to send anonymous emails to anyone.


I am sure both of these tools would let you send anonymous emails free of cost and let you be hidden at the same time, but they do store your IP address just in case you an anonymous email sender indulges in illegal activities!

Do not even try to send scary threats or scam like messages because you may get caught very easily and can be charged with fraudulent charges and can also get punishment for those silly threats or just for fun illegal activites too.

Do remember my words that you are the only person responsible for your online activities..And don't blame me or Genious PC if you get into any trouble!!

You can use these tools to send anonymous prank emails to your friends or just to surprise them with some  funny jokes or just for fun, but remember that these tools were not (I guess not) designed for illegal activites.

So make sure you don't make ill use of these awesome tools, OK?


Image credit- chanpipat/FreeDigitalPhotos.net