Hack Chrome For Maximum Internet Speed

June 08, 2013|  

Google Chrome is no doubt the most used web browser today. After having a look at my blog stats, I found that 47% of my blog visitors used Google Chrome. And why not? Chrome is simply the fastest, the most simple to use and at the same time, a very secure web browser.

Other than Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is another well known web browser. For many internet users, Firefox works even better than Chrome.

Google Chrome

Earlier I had written about some tricks to increase your internet speed with Firefox and also some tricks to improve your overall internet speed.

Today, I will share some more tricks to increase your internet speed and this time, we are focused on Google Chrome and improving its speed.

Tricks To Increase Internet Speed With Chrome

In all these tricks, the common thing is that we are going to disable all services and features that we don't require. This will result into speeding up from the browser's side.

1. Disable Images For Faster Loading

Images contribute the most of the bandwidth that you are consuming with every web page. On every web page, you will find a collection of too many images, not just the images present in the content but also in the form of website logo, bullets , images in the sidebar, etc.

Just check out this page and you will notice a lot of small or large images.

And frankly speaking, I don't like websites without images. And you would also not like them... most probably.

But if you are tackling a really slow internet speed or want to load web pages really faster (at least 3 times faster) than usual, then disabling images is a sure shot solution.

Here is how to disable images in Chrome:

Open Settings > Advanced Settings

Under Privacy, find 'Content Settings'

Increase Internet Speed in Chrome

Under Images, select the 'Do not show any images' button. Then click on 'Done'.

2. Disable JavaScript

Many times use JavaScript to render small or big things at their websites. In most of the cases, JavaScript is used to render things other than the main content text. So turning it off won't interrupt your real browsing data.

Turning off JavaScript may not help too much in improving your browser's speed as compared to the speed when you disable images, but it can sure boost up your web page loading speed in some cases.

Here is how to disable JavaScript in Chrome:

Open Settings > Advanced Settings

Under Privacy, find 'Content Settings'

Under JavaScript, select the 'Do not allow any site to run Javacript' option. Then click on 'Done'.

3. Regularly clear your browsing history and cache

Browsing history and cache are meant to increase your overall browsing speed but sometimes when there are just too many temporary files, it may cause a trouble.

You may be visiting some sites regularly but most of the sites you visit are a one-time visit only. Now there are thousands of such pages and all of them have their temporary files. A lot of junk, isn't it?

Here is how to clear browsing history, cache and other temporary files in Chrome:

Open Tools > Clear browsing data


Open Settings > Advanced Settings > Under Privacy, check 'Clear browsing data'.


Press Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard.

Select all the options that apply and select your time range. Then click on 'Clear browsing data'.

4. Disable malware and phishing protection

I do not recommend you to disable phishing and malware protection unless you are an experienced internet user. And if you think that you will be able to handle phishing attempts on your own, then go ahead and disable them to get some more speed boost.

Here is how to disable malware and phishing protection in Chrome:

Open Settings > Advanced Settings

Under Privacy, find 'Content Settings'

5. Disable logging and metrics reporting

By default Chrome automatically keeps a log of your usage stats and sends them to Google for research and development. Not that they do not send your browsing details, just the usage stats.

In case, you are suffering from a slow internet speed or just want to get some more quick responses from Chrome, then disabling these features can give you no harm + some speed benefits.

To disable these features you need to create a shortcut for your Chrome browser and at the end of the path, you have to assign an extra option that will be used to disable these features.

For Windows XP, the destination path for the shortcut will be:
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\
Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe -Disable-logging -Disable-metrics-system -Disable-metrics-reporting

Any more tricks?

Do you have any more tricks to increase internet speed with Chrome? Don't be shy and share your tricks! Also do comment after trying out the tricks mentioned here.