4 Free PDF Editing Tools And Methods

January 05, 2014|  

A Portable Document Format (PDF) is just another famous document format preferred all over the internet. Be it your favorite online novel, some help manual or college circulars, everything is presented in a PDF format.
Free PDF Editing Tools

PDFs were originally invented by Adobe and so the only official tool for creating a PDF must be the Adobe Acrobat. That is what we all know about but still, there are a lot of other tools and methods to create as well as edit a PDF file as an alternative to the commercial Adobe Acrobat software.

So today, I would like to share some of the best tools that let you edit PDFs easily and free of cost.

1. Online PDF Editor - CutePDF Editor

As the name would suggest, CutePDF editor is quite a simple and basic online tool for editing PDF files. This tool lets you make changes to document structure, rearrange pages, add page numbers, headings and much more.

PDF Editing Tool Screenshot

Simple, yet worth trying.

2. Open Office - MS Office alternative

PDF Editing Tool Screenshot
Open Office would be a familiar name to most of you and if not, its a very perfect alternative to the MS Office suite.

Open Office showcases programs similar to MS Office like a program for creating spreadsheets, one for working with documents, one for drawing diagrams and so on. And the best thing, its free! And some might even argue that Open Office is much better than MS Office in terms of its capacity.

Talking about its capacity, PDF files can be open and edited in Open Office programs. And that's what you are looking here for!

3. Libre Office - Open Office alternative

Frankly speaking I have never tried Libre Office but after reading a lot of positive reviews, I put this one on this list.

PDF Editing Tool Screenshot

Libre Office is another free suite for working with documents similar to open office and it also lets you work with PDF files.

4. Using a PDF-DOC Converter

The best way to edit a PDF file according to me, is using a PDF to DOC converter, editing the new doc file and then saving the file back to PDF format.

This ensures maximum editing features and you may get the best results. You can get a 'Save as PDF' tool for your version of MS Office easily. And talking about converting the PDF into .doc format, I would like to name a few online as well as offline tools.

Zamzar.com is a free, easy to use and fast online tool that lets you convert between a lot of different file formats into one another. I have tested it myself and it gives perfect result. Another online tool is PDFtoWord.com.

Also, Stanza desktop is an offline tool that can be used to convert a PDF file into .doc format.

After converting a PDF to .doc, you just need to edit it in MS Office or Open Office, and save it back to PDF using a suitable add-in for your version of document editor. For MS Office 2007 users, here is the link to the Microsoft add-in: http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=7

Which one would you use?

So after looking at all the tools that you can use for editing a PDF file free of cost, which one of these would you choose? Or do you have any past experience with any of these? Or would you like to share some more names with us?

Do comment and share our problems, views and suggestions!